Vilka egenskaper anses viktiga vid valet av kandidater till fullmäktige?

by Espejo Reveco, Josè

Abstract (Summary)
The aim of this work is to understand the recruitment of candidates to the local representative assembly in the municipality of Täby. The method used is qualitative interviewing, of a total of eight local politicians in Täby. The theory in which this work rest upon is based on a new-institutionalist perspective. Of great importance is the thoughts of the politicians involved in the recrution process, what do they think were the reasons that controlled the order of priority in the party list among the pool of candidates? Were there any obstacles for minorities in the politics like for example foreigners, women or young people? The study is taking it’s departure from the politicians who candidated in the election of 2002-2006 and the ones which are candidating to the election this coming autumn.In conclusion the aim is to understand the reasons that gives some of the candidates electable places to the assembly, and what the actors themselves think are the conclusive qualities that matters the most. Both the Social democrats and the right party (Moderaterna) in Täby thought that the main qualities a candidate needed was to be active in the party activities, and that being active would lead to a broad network and support from the members of the party. The Social democratic party had a formal ambition to have representative lists and used affirmative action to bolster female representation in their lists. Moderaterna didn’t use the same system but in reality they had an informal method of assuring a good representation of people in their lists. In general the persons involved in this study didn't perceived any discrimination against any individual because of external attributes, and the main issue was to increase the representation within their parties.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:fritt ämnesord


Date of Publication:06/30/2006

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