Verksamhetsstyrning Gävle Hamn

by Andersson, Katarina

Abstract (Summary)
This hermeneutic study is performed on request by Gävle harbour. The owner of Gävle harbour is Gävle community by Gävle Stadshus and the goal is to create a logistic centre in the district of Gästrikland/Dalarna. To enable the district to be growing and increasing environment, large investments have been put into infrastructure and machinery.The expansion of Gävle port and its business should in the future lead to that more companies will settle down in the port area and surroundings. That will increase the work opportunities, inhabitants and companies within the community. The goal of Gävle communities’ growth programme is to increase and be five percent better than the year 2004 within 2007.Facts like internationalisation of the economies and increased globalisation of markets, fast technology development, increased act on environmental issues and strive against tenable development. Many companies meet an increased competition, at the same time privatisation, deregulation and decreased recourse frames gives hash financial demands on the public businesses. Large changes in controlling both private and public businesses have been performed, cost efficiency and housekeeping of existing resources is obligated.Gävle port stands in front of an expansion and effectiveness of the business to be able to meet the demands of the future from a global market and the regional owner. To be able to answer the question what kind of effectiveness, ruling system and documents internal in the organization that should be maintained and established, there demands a present situation analyse. To receive the information what the company have and compare to the theories what they should have.The present situation analyse is built on ten qualitative interviews and shows that Gävle port have to standardise and formalise the business to be able to use their resources on a cost efficient way. To get the overall picture of the organisation the present situations analyse shows the areas that needs extra attention in the beginning. Four problem areas can be identified during the analyse that needs to be dealt with.Goal setting and strategy, the vision framtidsplan 2010 must be braked down in short and long term goals that can be mediated to the personnel.Market plan must be created to enable to have strategy and short term and long term goals for the marketing actions.Economy and salary system, Gävle harbour needs user friendly systems that can be helpful and gives control over the financial development.Environmental certification is an important issue now when the debate about environment and global heating is very intensive.The study shows that the theories often describe the best of worlds, but the reality usually shows a different side. Terminology used in theory books many times does not cooperate with the daily business and many times gives half the context.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:business strategy expansion effectiveness


Date of Publication:03/26/2007

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