Ventajas competitivas de los estados pequeños centroamericanos en la integración global

by Escobar M. de Fernández, Claudia

Abstract (Summary)
This investigation is based in a wide literature on the small states, which embraces political, economic, social, juridical and safety aspects, among others in order to demonstrate the importance of these states at present time and how they can participate in the world politics. As base for the later analyses, in the first chapters we examine the different definitions of small state, the historical evolution of this concept, how they arise and their particular characteristics. Later on, we approach the topic of small states with in the international relationships, focusing in their potential advantages or inconveniences that small states may have and the conditions for the survival, embracing the classic or traditional strategies that refer mainly to safe-deposit aspects, among those that take the neutrality, the alliances and others. Also the new tendencies are presented that embrace aspects like to unite to commercial blocks, political associations and an active diplomatic participation. The principle of asymmetry is also analyzed and how this concept is been developed in different integration process to help development of the small states. And we also present how the different international organizations support this principle. This study includes the effects of the globalization on the small states, the challenges they face, as well as the risks they are exposed inside this process, in which some small states have been beneficiaries and other are threatened. The roll small states have played in the formation of European Union and their institutions serve as model for the small states of the Central American region. At the end we meditated about the importance of the competitiveness for the small States, making reference how the economic competitiveness is a reflection of a good public administration and its institutions. The main objective of the investigation has been to point out that in the era of the globalization, the small Central American States, can through the integration strengthen their competitive advantages increasing their development. In order to achieve this, it is required to overcome some deficiencies. It is fundamental that the State of Law become the rule of the land, they need to strengthen their institutions, increase the level of know how of the government and of their population in general and also is very important they improve their diplomatic methods. The purpose of all this is to point out that the biggest opportunity Small States have of exercising its sovereignty today, resides in their exercise of International Law and Rights.
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Advisor:Ballbé Mallol, Manuel

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Date of Publication:11/09/2005

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