Vem är du? Vem är jag? – Charader i dagens medierade värld. En studie av identitetskonstruktionen på Facebook.

by Wahlund, Mathilda

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractTitle: Who are you? Who am I? – Charades in the mediated world of today. A study of the construction of identity at Facebook.(Vem är du? Vem är jag? – Charader i dagens medierade värld. En studie av identitetskonstruktionen på Facebook.)Number of pages: 58 (66 including enclosures.)Author: Mathilda WahlundTutor: Ylva EkströmCourse: Media and Communication Studies CPeriod: Fall 2007University: Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science, Uppsala University.Purpose/Aim: The aim is to study how people construct their own identities today. I want to understand and study how such a central thing as identity is being constructed, in a place which offers members to freely present themselves, the community Facebook.Material/Method: Through Internet based interviews and observations I approach the inner worlds of my informants. Using semiotics I can detect underlying meanings. My theoretical base consists of modernist and postmodernist perspectives among others. Gidden’s theory of the self narrative, Butler’s queer theory, the theory of articulation represented by Stuart Hall, Gauntlett’s model of objects and intersectionality represented by Nina Lykke among others.Main results: The main result is that people do not actively construct identity in one way on the Internet. They do it in several ways, deliberately and non deliberately. Identity construction today is very fragmented, like the world we live in. People choose their own ways to present themselves, and the ways they do it vary. But people are often aware of the fact that they do present themselves, they’ve just not been reflecting over who they present.Key words: Identity, the self, the subject, construction of identity, modernity, postmodernity, Facebook, Giddens, Butler, queer theory, articulation, the model of objects, intersectionality, interviews, observation, semiotics.
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:identity the self subject construction of modernity postmodernity facebook giddens butler queer theory articulation model objects intersectionality interviews observation semiotics


Date of Publication:07/02/2008

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