Variationen i användandet av IT-verktyget Trade : En fallstudie hos NCC

by Carracedo, Alexander; Sierra, Karina

Abstract (Summary)
Companies that are facing the global market are put in to new challenges in order to streamline its business. One industry that has realized that changes are necessary is the construction industry, it is an industry witch is far behind the development of introducing information technology-tools systems in there business. It has shown there is a relation between high IT usage and high productivity, which is one of the reasons to why companies in the construction industry should purchase a business system especially for procurement. However, companies that have purchased a business system are facing difficulties in having their employees using it for its purpose. People react differently to changes and that’s why variations in quantities exist for usage of information technology-tools. We considered it to be interesting to look deeper into the question: “if the difference in utilization depends on resistance”? And if so: “which factors are behind the variation of participation”? This became a research project for us with the purpose to investigate and analyze the differences of attitudes of the NCC’s purchasers, in different regions in Sweden, while the process of the information technology-tool “Trade” was implemented. Our dissertation is based on both qualitative and quantitative data. We carried out a survey and interviews to collect information to our empirical chapter. The Question formulas was created on the basis of our theories and the respondents where also chosen on the same base of theories. To be able to see the differences of the regions, we chose one of the better and one of the worst of using the Trade. Interviews took place in Stockholm and Umeå and the survey formulas was sent internally thru a web based application to all of the purchasers within NCC Construction AB in both Stockholm and Norrland. The result of the research showed that in Stockholm the response was more positive then it was in the northern part of Sweden, regarding the use of the information technology-tool Trade. We did not find any strong connection between people with computer habit, their age and the usage of Trade. However, we did find that verbal information contributed to create a larger interest for the use of Trade. Furthermore we found some teething troubles, but also a few errors such as unclearness to what kind of construction site Trade suits for, low performance expectations and unclear informed advantages. These were the main factors for resistance and the difference between the regions.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:purchase procurement resistance


Date of Publication:02/01/2006

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