Vamos brincar de ler e escrever?: vivências lúdicas de leitura e escritura com crianças de 3 e 4 anos na educação infantil

by Bernart, Mariléa Degan

Abstract (Summary)
This research, carried out in a Child Education Institution in Joinvillie, Santa Catarina state, during all the school year of 2005. had as research subjects nine children of three and four years of age, being said work linked to the research line of Didactic and Pedagogical Methods and Processes of the Master Course in Education at the Universidade Regional de Blumenau (FURB). Its overall goal was to analyze the possible contributions of a process that operates the language (reading and written) in child education, from reading and written acts, in a real use context, like, for example, children´s story books and notes. Same was based on the principle that language (spoken, read or written) is a social fact, which existence lies in the need to communicate. In that sense, it was based theoretically on Vygotsky´s premises, meaning that the understanding of the reading and writing construction process must consider the subject who is involved in the learning process, as well as his/her preschool baggage, what is also clarified by Batkhtin who states that the human being does not understand the word as an isolated unit, separated from its concrete meaning and of its context as well. Present work used the qualitative approach and the participative action research and, as instruments for data collecting, observation, field notes and written records. Thus, we intended to evaluate a practical process, bringing together reading and writing, in real use contexts and in simulations in playing. Through that process, we tried to take into consideration the children?s ludic activity itself -- the playing, incorporating to same social forms and uses of writing. We would also like to point out that, during all the development of mentioned process, we had the oriented co-participation of the parents of the children involved. The analysis of the data revealed that the ludic experiences offered contributions to the understanding of the language learning process (reading and writing) of the target-children of the research: some have, from that research onwards, started to get more involved with reading and writing, what enabled them not only to recognize some letters in real situations, but also to write their own names and thus starting their literacy
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Advisor:Osmar de Souza; Julianne Fischer; Sueli de Souza Cagneti

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:child education language reading and writing


Date of Publication:09/06/2006

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