Values-led business : A study of the Ben and Jerry's concept and its applicability

by Nyberg, Andreas; Borgh, Anders; Mård, Andreas

Abstract (Summary)
The issue that is dealt with in this paper is the concept of values-led business. The idea behind the term is that businesses has a responsibility to the people and the society that make its existence possible and that social problems can not be solved unless business accepts taking on a leadership role which requires that business starts acting in the interests of the common good. This is specifically important since companies today are the main source of influence in people’s everyday life and the area is specifically interesting because of all the business scandals in recent years. (Cohen and Greenfield, 1997). The concept of values-led business arose mainly from the two companies the Body Shop and our chosen company; Ben and Jerry’s.The purpose of this thesis is to explore the concept of values-led business and find out how it is different from the procedures at a non-explicitly values-led organisation. We also aim to find out if there would be any benefits of introducing values-led business into the latter.In this paper we compare an explicitly values-led company, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, with a non explicitly values-led company, SIA Glass on their internal and external performance on the study areas of Marketing, Sourcing, and HRM and Organisational culture. A qualitative research method has been used as method. The collection of primary data was done with the help of interviews done at our companies’ main offices in Sweden. In the case of Ben & Jerry’s, additional secondary sources have been used. Theories used serve the purpose of both a tool of analysis but also of setting the stage of values-led business. Furthermore, the theory has been divided into the four areas of study mentioned above.The first part of the conclusion states that we, throughout the thesis, have given a good overview of what the differences between values-led business and “ordinary” business really are. Also, we found that SIA Glass has the potential of becoming a values-led company as its foundation is not entirely based on financial goals but is to a large extent driven by a will to preserve something good for the local community. In order to develop a val-ues-led thinking a social mission should be formally put down in print and be held equal to the financial and quality missions. SIA Glass potentially has a lot to be gained especially in the marketing area as SIA Glass as it could create further leverage by using more creative marketing methods.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:values led business corporate social responsibility ben and jerry s ethics sia glass


Date of Publication:09/20/2005

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