Vad styr ekonomistudenternas val av arbetsgivare? : En undersökning riktad mot studenter vid Ekonomprogrammet på Högskolan i Gävle

by Nicolaisen, Johanna; Thorgren, Elsa

Abstract (Summary)
We are interested in studying “what determines the students of business administration’s choice of employer” since we are students of business administration ourselves and have started to think about our future employers.This subject is also interesting for companies and organizations since knowledge about what determines the choice can make it easier to attract suitable co-workers. When the companies and organisations have found the right employees it’s a matter of keeping them and one way of doing this is by knowing and satisfying the employees’ needs.The purpose of this essay is to examine what determines the students of business administration’s choices of future employer through their factors of motivation and if these factors is consistent with existing theories on motivation. We also want to find out if companies and organizations know what students of business administration are interested in and what can be done to make students want to live in Gävle after they are finished with their studies.The method we have chosen for our study is e-mail interviews since our first idea of discussions in focus groups couldn’t be followed through because of a lack of interest. Nine students of business administration at the University College of Gävle and three organizations in Gävle, that are involved in the NU!-project, participated in the interviews.To get a deeper knowledge into what motivates people we have chosen to study a number of motivational theories. We have chosen a few, to us, well-known theories to create a base to which we add less discussed theories to give us different angles of approach.We also present facts about the labour market in Gävleborgs län, a study concerning what expectations the students at the University College of Gävle have on their future labour market, Universum Communications’ “FöretagsBarometern” and an understanding of the process of socialisation.The most important motivational factors that the studentgroup is concerned with regarding future employers are: the work assignments (are they inspiring, diverse and meaningful?), the salary (is it a fair compensation?), growth opportunities (both personally and professionally?), work hours and commuting time (will I have time for family, friends and interests?) and a pleasant work environment (will I like working here?).The motivational theories that we chose didn’t fully explain the students’ choice of motivational factors. There is however certain parts of the theories that offers some understanding of the students’ choices, but to get a deeper understanding a combination of several theories is needed.The employers seem to have some insight in what the students of business administration are looking for but they don’t have the complete picture, since none of them mention work assignments as an important factor.Both groups think that a more positive labour market could attract more students to stay in Gävle, i.e. that there are work related to business administration available. Many of the students of business administration could imagine staying in Gävle if they got a work that suited them.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:factors of motivation views on socialization


Date of Publication:05/25/2007

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