Vad skriver de? Hur tänker de? : En undersökning av högstadieungdomars skrivvanor och skrivintresse

by Sundh, Mikael

Abstract (Summary)
In the discourse of teaching it’s often mentioned that the pupil’s previous knowledge and experience plays an important part in the process of learning. For the teachers it’s in general crucial to be familiar with their pupils abilities and skills, talents and shortcomings in order to successfully teach them. Knowledge and an understanding of their pupils, also helps the teacher to organize and customize a successful teaching for each individual. It’s according to this background, that I have chosen the subject of pupil’s previous knowledge and experience in writing. I am to be a teacher in Swedish and interested in the process of writing, and I would like to know what motivates the pupils and why.The purpose with this study has been to examine 13-14 year olds writing habits outside school, and their reflections about writing in general. It has also been intended to observe how it differs according to gender and age. The study is based upon 63 texts written by pupils who have been assigned to describe their writing habits and what they do like and don’t like to write. The material that I have got served both as a questionnaire and a more qualitative insight in the pupil’s reflection on writing.The results that I got showed that most of the pupils preferred to chat on the Internet on their spare time, as a writing activity. Also other ways of communicating through computers and cell phones where often mentioned by the pupils, as engaging in forums, sending SMS and e-mail. The pupils enjoyed making contact with friends and others in the same age. Other types of texts that were represented were practical texts as notes and short messages and literary genres as stories and poems, but to a small extent. According to gender, girls did more often write on their spare time and in more genres than boys did. They were also the only ones that write diaries, letters and blogg. The boys used to chat on the Internet more often as well as write in forums on the web. Furthermore the results showed that 14 year olds did write more often and in more genres than the 13 year olds. But the younger girls did more often write diaries and letters.The pupils, especially the girls, described that they liked to write stories. The explanation seems to be the freedom to choose what they want to write about as well as it is fun to read. Also the possibility to try different roles was mentioned. The boys and girls described that they didn’t like write when they were forced to it, neither when the subject lacked interest for them. They also disliked writing under pressure of time.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/13/2006

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