Utilizing team time/talent assessment tool to reorganize front office training

by Brown, Lucian C.

Abstract (Summary)
This study is a recommendation and analysis, presented to the Front Office Manager of L30 Hotels. The team is performing very well in some areas, but is limited to only certain individuals in the area of multitasking. The training program is designed to create a multitasking work team, however the staffs ability to do it well is in question. Research suggests that an assessment of allotted time, talent, goals, rules and regulations will lead to an answer. The purpose of this study is to complete that assessment and to get the training program as well as the employees7 back on track. The team will also be advised to move from being " manager-led " to being more of " self-reliant " multitasking team. (Definitions of these two types of teams may be found in Chapter I.) The assessment tool will aid in reorganizing the Front Office training, realigning the department to complete the goals of the training program. The Front Office Manager for the study analyzed the Front Office's goals and completed a questionnaire to determine activities that have traditionally been performed by the Front Office. The Team TimeITalent Assessment Tool was conducted at the Guest Services Representative (GSR) level. Supervisors examined rules and regulations of the Front Office staff and provided feedback. Utilizing the team timeltalent assessment, L30 Hotels will be able to restructure and reorganize the Front Office. The assessment tool is designed to aid the team in maximizing the results achieved. The tool analyzes the goals of the team; the vision of the business; projects/activities and their effect on those goals. The tool also examines the rules and regulations to see if any of them are preventing the desired results. Competition in the area for guests and employees may cause L30 Hotels to need its employees, more than ever, to perform multiple tasks. (Within a year's time there will be a one thousand room hotel with convention space between L30 Hotels and a major airport, and across the street from major tourist destinations.) The objectives of this study are multiple, most important are: Reorganizing the Front Office staff training to develop a multitasking team, increasing job satisfaction, and to share information on this monetarily beneficial style of training. This will also make the front desk trainer position more desirable and a beneficial investment.
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School:University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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