Utformning av en arbetsmodell för införande av lean inom sjukvården : En fallstudie på Gävle sjukhus

by Eklöv, Tommy; Bergström, Peder

Abstract (Summary)
Introducing lean production principles in health care is a relatively new area. The county council in Gävleborg and Gävle hospital are interested in shortening their health queues with help from logistics methods and lean production principles. This is among others because of growing health queues at the urologist reception in Gävle hospital. Lean production is a concept arising from the Japanese car industry, meaning a quest to do more with less. In Swedish lean production can be translated to resource- economic production and the work with lean production includes principles like customer focus, teamwork and continuous improvement.The purpose with this thesis is to compile a working model which can be used when implementing lean principles in health care. This is because the health queues to the reception today are long and some kind of transform is necessary. The working model consists of six different levels, mapping, analyze, developing improvement suggestions, balancing, implementation and follow up. The first four steps in the working model will be introduced in this thesis, although the last two steps are outside the limits of this thesis.By using logistics methods and lean principles in mapping and analysis of the receptions processes some problem areas have been discovered. The discovered problems have been analyzed and improvement suggestions to the different problem areas have then been elaborated. The improvement suggestions which have been elaborated with help from logistics methods and lean production principles can contribute to a decrease of the urologist receptions health queues.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/23/2008

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