Utforming av villa i Viks fiskeläge

by Larsson, Jimmy; Håkansson, Filip

Abstract (Summary)
This degree project is a design project of a house in the small fishing village Vik at Österlen in Skåne. The task was how you can design a house according to a future proprietor’s desire and the municipalities’ directions of the site.The site, which is two smaller sites combined, the future proprietor wants to see a modern house with sharp edges and roof with a small slope, but the municipality rather wants to see a more traditional building with a furnished attic. To succeed with this there has been a couple of compromises. One example of this is the roof where the design is according to the future proprietor’s desire.To easier understand what the future proprietor wanted, he handed out a reference project by the Austrian architect Andreas Schmitzer, which is analyzed in the theoretic background. That chapter also include another building analyzed, House Baron, which is an old farm rebuild to a more modern house in a traditional environment.In the implementation phase the site that has a strong slope were analyzed and decided to build a hillside building. At the same time the thoughts were focused on where the house was best placed on the site to get most sunshine on the side you visit most time, and at the same time get a view over the sea. In this stage some models where made in SketchUp to easier see how big the site was and how much space a house with a belonging guesthouse and pool occupies. It was in this stage the idea of twisted floors came up: the second floor is not aligned directly above the first floor which creates an interesting shape.After some sketches of the design plan the work continued in ArchiCad where the final model of the house was constructed in both 2D and 3D at the same time. With this model finished drawings consisting of the design planning, facades, sections and the situation plan could be created. In the 3D location some nice pictures from different angles could be visualized to give an easier understanding how the buildings would look like if it were to be built. These pictures can be seen on an attached CD along with some VR movies.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/21/2007

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