Untersuchungen zum schriftlichen Erzählen eines Erlebnisses im jüngeren Schulalter

by Sonnenburg, Peter

Abstract (Summary)
Based on the analysis of 144 written narrations of primary schoolchildren, this thesis is contributing new findings in the area of narrative and writing research within the context of the GDR school system. In comparison with two previously published ontogenetically oriented studies of narrations by secondary schoolchildren and teenage groups, research focuses on the issue whether or not, and also how, this former work is still relevant in present time and for current research. It also discusses how the in this context of older children?s narrations tested research instruments can be applied to primary schoolchildren?s narrations. By triangulations of methods and combining text analyses, observations, and interviews, the author has expanded existing research instruments, and has thereby reached specific perceptions regarding narrative and writing research. The author proofed that some practices used in comparative research could also be used in primary schoolchildren?s narrations. They require, however, an adaptation and an extension of methods, taking the children?s age and development into account. This provides evidence that the characterisations of text structure, contents, and language criteria, which had been formulated by GDR language and didactic scholars, can be seen as generally valid and still up to date. This is emphasised by existence of certain features, found in the analysed narrations. Nevertheless, these findings have to be analysed in relation to age structure to avoid deficit theoretical consequences. The thesis concludes with an outlook on future research, and implications on school practice.
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School:Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Erziehungswissenschaft Educational science elementary school education studying area German tell written


Date of Publication:11/25/2003

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