Un análisis de la educación familiar desde la teoría pedagógica: propuesta de bases fundamentales para un modelo integrado.

by Rodríguez Rodríguez, Miguel Ángel

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT This investigation tries to reach three objectives: 1) revising the most today outstanding knowledge about family education; 2) bringing unit, coherence, and continuity to that whole revised educational knowledge; and 3) formulating the minimum bases that any integrated model of family education should accomplish. Investigation model used is documentary investigation, based on description, analysis, interpretation, and reflection of the phenomena of family educational reality from secondary sources of information; such sources are current and diverse, so much in format (bibliography, hemerography, audiovisual, electronic) as in language (spanish, english, and catalan). Three differentiated study areas have been deduced from revision: family, family education and family education models, of whose analysis we have obtained innovative conclusions. Family carries out certain generic functions (physical-biological, personal and social development of its members), being education conceived as a family metafunction due to its development-support character and to integrate those generic functions. Also, it has been classified different contents that parents transmit to children in base of diverse development processes: physical and health, cognitive and motoric, affective, autonomy, identity, social and moral. Concerning to family education models, its been possible establishing an innovative radical distinction among models centered in parent-children interaction according to dimensions of sensibility and demand (relationship models), and those ones centered also in educational characters (properly called educational models): values, norms, environment structures, paternal implication, In spite of the value that each analyzed model represents, all of them show lacks that impede us to consider them as integrated models. So, investigation concludes proposing the minimum criteria that any model should complete to give reason of every element, fact or performance that happen in education family. Those criteria or bases about models are: being pedagogical, integral, comprehensive, analyzable, contrastable, explanatory, dynamic, optimizing, and normative.
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Advisor:Pérez Alonso-Geta, Petra Maria; Cánovas Leonhardt, Paz

School:Universitat de València

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:teoria de l educació


Date of Publication:06/04/2004

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