Two Characterizations of Commutativity for C*-algebra

by Ko, Chun-Chieh

Abstract (Summary)
In this thesis, We investigate the problem of when a C*-algebra is commutative through continuous functional calculus, The principal results are that: (1) A C*-algebra A is commutative if and only if e^(ix)e^(iy)=e^(iy)e^(ix), for all self-adjoint elements x,y in A. (2) A C*-algebra A is commutative if and only if e^(x)e^(y)=e^(y)e^(x) for all positive elements x,y in A. We will give an extension of (2) as follows: Let f:[a,b]-->[c,d] be any continuous strictly monotonic function where a,b,c,d in R, aBibliographical Information:

Advisor:Hwa-Long Gau; Ngai-Ching Wong; Mark C. Ho

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:functional calculus characterization c algebra commutativity


Date of Publication:06/11/2002

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