Trenden för outsourcing samt faktorer som påverkar valet av outsourcing i fastighetsförvaltning

by Wik, Johanna; Hedström, Karin

Abstract (Summary)
Aim: As proposed real estate economists, we wanted to find more knowledge about outsourcing and about how the real estate companies intend and acts around this. Outsourcing feels reality anchored and inspiring, and we hope our study will contribute with understanding what governs the choice of outsourcing and give an insight in how the future will be.Method: In order to find an applicable theory in this essay we have examined literature about outsourcing and real estate administration. Our study stretches over the area of Gävleborg and Dalarna. We have sent out a questionnaire about the trend for outsourcing to 85 companies and got replies of 52. On the basis of these questionnaires, we have chosen a number of companies that use outsourcing and interviewed them in more detail.Result & Conclusions:Outsourcing is commonly occurring among real estate companies in Gävleborg and Dalarna. 89% of the replying companies use outsourcing in some way. Cost reduction, increased flexibility and focus on the core activity are important reasons. A factor that influences the choice of outsourcing is that the companies want to avoid big and expensive organizations.Suggestions for future research:We believe that continued research, on the basis of this study, could include the customers of the real estate companies and their perspective on outsourcing and how outsourcing influences their experience of the company in question. Our study can also be used as comparison point to study the trend for outsourcing and its possible progress or decline.Contribution of the thesis:We hope that our study will contribute with knowledge about outsourcing and to give the companies in the region an understanding for how other companies see on the matter and how they believe that the future will be developed. Because outsourcing can be a big part in a company and involve big decisions we also pointing on the factors that influence the choice of outsourcing in real estate administration.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:outsourcing in house management estate core activity contract by tender


Date of Publication:11/03/2008

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