by Larsson, Nils; Jödahl, Caroline

Abstract (Summary)
Before the processes of rebuilding an existing building commence an evaluation of the existing drawings have to be done. Existing drawings can be either 2D-paper drawings or in a digital format. When evaluating the existing drawings one might find that these needs to be updated to serve as reference of basic data for the projection of the new building. A new 3D model has to be made. In some cases, there exist no drawings at all for an existing building that are to be reconstructed. The existing drawings can be found to have a deficiency with respect to geometry that calls for a survey of the building i.e. an as-built survey. The result of the as-built survey will need to be calculated and exported to CAD software for modelling. A digital model of the existing building is created in the CAD environment to. More of today’s work with basic data and the creation of digital models require height information in conjunction with the x, y coordinates in the purpose of creating a true 3D computer-based model.The intentions of this thesis (C-level) have been to carry through all the parts needed in establishing a 3D computer-based model. The surveying was done in three different ways: with the use of a hand held laser distance meter, with a total station and finally, a scan was done using a laser scanner. A comparison and analysis using the three different methods where done. The result shows that the used methods can be useful by themselves or in conjunction with each other.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:11/27/2007

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