Trace Metal Phase Speciations by Using Cross-flow Filtration in the Port of Kaohsiung and nearby Coastal Area

by Wu, He-Jung

Abstract (Summary)
Abstract Studies of phase speciation of trace metals were conducted in Kaohsiung harbor and coastal areas in April and May 2002. Water samples were collected from three different sampling stations to study the spatial distribution of metal species. Colloidal and truly dissolved subsamples were observed by cross-flow filtration treatment. The results show that TOC of seawater samples ranged from 4.17 mg/L to 7.17 mg/L. For trace metals, zinc had the highest concentration(7.21 £gg/L ¡ã14.14 £gg/L), followed by manganese(3.31 £gg/L ¡ã 11.73 £gg/L), copper(0.28 £gg/L ¡ã 7.57 £gg/L), lead(2.41 £gg/L ¡ã 4.41 £gg/L), nickel(1.78 £gg/L ¡ã 2.97 £gg/L). Highest concentrations of TOC and metals were observed in Kaohsiung harbor(S1), and the values decreased in the order of S1 ¡Ö S2 ¡Ö S3. Distribution of phase speciation of trace metals varied with location. Nickel existed in truly dissolved phase predominately(66 ¢Mat S1, 79.7 ¢Mat S2 and 84.6 ¢Mat S3). For the other metals, either particle or truly dissolved phase was the major species at each sampling station. For zinc, 56.1 ¢Mat S1 was in truly dissolved phase, 68.1 ¢Mat S2 and 59.6 ¢M at S3 were in particulate phase. For copper, 67.5 ¢Mat S1 was in particulate phase, 56.7 ¢Mat S2 and 89.9 ¢Mat S3 were in truly dissolved phase. For manganese, 56.3 ¢Mat S1 was in truly dissolved phase, 79.8 ¢Mat S2 and 72.1 ¢Mat S3 were in particulate phase. For lead, 51.7 ¢Mat S1 and 66.0 ¢Mat S3 were in truly dissolved phase, 63.5 ¢Mat S2 was in particulate phase. The percentages of TOC and metals in colloidal phase of the filter-passing pool were low at all sampling stations and decreased in the order of S1 ¡Ö S2 ¡Ö S3. They were found predominately in truly dissolved fraction. The results also show that Kaohsiung harbor (S1) had the highest percentage of colloidal fraction, followed by coastal water (S2), open sea (S3). Values of partition coefficient between colloids and true solution(Kc ) in the Kaohsiung harbor and nearby coastal areas were lower than the Kc values observed in Galveston Bay during July 1995.
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Advisor:Wei-Hsien Wang; Jung-Hui Chen; Jyh-Horng Sheu

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:cross flow filtration


Date of Publication:09/09/2002

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