Toxoplasma gondii vs ionizing radiation: Intestinal immunity induced in C57bl/6j mice by irradiated tachyzoites

by Galisteo Junior, Andrés Jimenez

Abstract (Summary)
We study the oral route for the development of a vaccine for toxoplasmosis, using parasites irradiated with 60 Cobalt, as an alternative for vaccine development to this worldwide parasitic infection. We evaluated the development of immunity at serum or mucosal levels, and their efficiency in protect the mice against challenge with oral cysts of the ME-49 strain. C57Bl/6j isogenic mice were immunized by oral route with 107 255 Gy irradiated tachyzoites from RH strain, at several protocols using milk as anti-peptic adjuvant and alum hydroxide as antacid. The preparations of irradiated tachyzoites induced production of serum IgG and IgA in immunized mice, as determined by ELISA, with IgG2a as the dominant subclass, similar to chronic infection. Their use with adjuvant allowed the excretion of significant amounts of IgA in stools also IgG, despite a lesser extent. There are suggestion of tolerance induction at mucosal level, with lower antigen induced proliferation and lower in vitro antibody production by spleen and gut lymphocytes, with the latter doses, specially when milk was used as adjuvant. All oral preparations induced some quantitative protection against challenge, which was similar to the parenteral route only isolated alum hydroxide was used as adjuvant. All these data support the possibility of the development of an oral vaccine against toxoplasmosis, using irradiated tachyzoites, which would be possible tool in near future for use in field baits, for immunizing either domestic or wild felids.
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Advisor:Heitor Franco de Andrade Junior; Solange Barros Carbonare; Ligia Ely Morganti Ferreira Dias; Heitor Franco de Andrade Junior

School:Universidade de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords: Intestinal Immunity ionizing radiation vaccine


Date of Publication:04/20/2004

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