To learn again fractions by means of pedagogical workshops: challenge for initial formation

by Costa dos, Maria José

Abstract (Summary)
The primary concern of the present research is fractions? content, focusing on the relevance of such mathematical content to logical-mathematical acquisition. Firstly, a discussion on pedagogue?s early instruction is done, since this professional?s grounding enables her to teach Mathematics in early series and so it needs to be improved. The aim of this study is to observe how Fedathi?s Sequence methodology, connected with Didactic Engineering, can contribute to enhance the teaching and learning practices of fractions, theoretically and methodologically supported by pedagogical workshops and by the TelEduc Platform. Therefore, the main question this work answers is whether Fedathi?s Sequence methodology, connected with Didactic Engineering, contributes to decrease lacks in the apprehension of the concept of fraction. Participative research methodology scaffolded this work, since it was considered necessary to comprehend the action and participation of investigated subjects. These were students of the 7th semester of the Pedagogy course from the Faculty of Education belonging to Universidade Federal do Ceara. The analysis pointed to the following results: a) the students-teachers have a limited background on fractions; b) they do not know available methodologies to teach Maths; c) there is little contact with information technologies. Thus, the researchers worked to operate real changes in their relationship with fractions? content, favoring the attainment of new schemes and restructuring other consolidated ones. It was possible to provide a discussion on the knowledge they already had and the knowledge they thought they had, observing these concerns within the re-elaboration of a new discourse of theirs. It was concluded, during the whole groundwork, that the investigated subjects, that is, future teachers made explicit the need for more study on the subject, in order to develop autonomy and a full reflection on the relation between docent?s theory and practice.
This document abstract is also available in Portuguese.
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Advisor:Iran Abreu Mendes; JĂșlio Wilson Ribeiro; Herminio Borges Neto

School:Universidade Federal do Ceará

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Early instruction fractions pedagogical workshops Fedathi?s Sequence


Date of Publication:05/14/2007

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