Tilltro vid nyttjande av e-tjänster

by Anderson, Lisa; Schéele, Anna von

Abstract (Summary)
Background: Trust has been a foundation of commerce since the very beginning. Trust can in the traditional commerce be built by face-to-face meetings, this is not possible at the Internet. Although, trust ought to be important even for the commercial business relation at the Internet and crucial for the consumer to use this communication channel. Purpose: The purpose of this master thesis is, from a consumer point of view, to study and analyse the importance of trust using e-services. Demarcation: The thesis is focusing trust using e-services, from a consumer point of view. The study is done at the use of Internetbanks. Trust related to e-services is not widely studied, why empirical findings are analysed on the basis of existing theories about trust, consumer behaviour and service quality. Accomplishment: By means of a snowball sample, about twenty customers has been interviewed and observed, a method we call interviewobservations. As a complement, a questionnaire has been used in purpose to let the respondents to decide upon a couple of factors concerning the use and trust in the e-service. Results: Trust is defined as confidence and reliance in someone or something. The need of trust is unconscious although it is essential for the use of an e-service. Experience, quality, security, privacy and control are factors that effects the consumer trust using an e-service. The trust in an e-service can be based on confidence in the computer or the Internet as a user tool. It can also be based on trust to the company offering the service or the industry in question.
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School:Linköpings universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:tilltro internet e handel tjänster konsumentbeteende


Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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