Through her eyes exploring the high school sports experiences of female athletes /

by Valentine, Megan L.

Abstract (Summary)
Nancy E. Spencer, Advisor The purpose of this study was to ascertain the high school sports experiences of female athletes. In an attempt to obtain a better understanding of these experiences, focus group and individual interview sessions were conducted with twelve intercollegiate athletes who were members of Division I soccer and volleyball teams at a mid-sized Midwestern University in the United States. This study examined the role that socializing agents such as parents, coaches, teammates/peers, and the media play in both positively and negatively influencing the sports experiences of these female athletes. Results revealed overwhelming support for the value that agents play in introducing athletes to sports and providing continued support throughout their sports careers. Results also showed that negative interaction with certain socializing agents sometimes led athletes to sacrifice other aspects of their social lives and at times led them to consider quitting sports. In some instances, athletes did quit their sports teams due to negative interactions. Additionally, sports participation allowed athletes to formulate their identities around sports. Based on the results of this study, I suggest that more educational opportunities need to be provided for various socializing influences such as parents, coaches, teammates/peers, and the media, all of whom impact the participation experiences of girls and women in sport. iv I dedicate this research to the many women and men who have fought and continue to fight to increase opportunities for girls and women in sports v
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School:Bowling Green State University

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