Teaching and rehearsal behaviors of instrumental music teachers

by Beebe, Marla.

Abstract (Summary)
Elaine J. Colprit, Advisor The purpose of this study was to examine teacher verbalizations in band rehearsals. Three instrumental music teachers with two ensembles of different levels of playing experience were chosen as subjects. One rehearsal of each ensemble was recorded and divided into rehearsal frames. Using SCRIBE: Simple Computer Recording Interface for Behavioral Evaluation, data were collected relative to (a) aspects of music performance rehearsed, (b) sequence of instruction, (c) use of positive and negative feedback, (d) the effect of directives on student performance, and (e) articulation of performance problems in terms of instrumental technique or musical outcome. Primary attention was given to differences in teacher and student behavior depending on an ensemble’s level of playing experience. Results indicated that teacher modeling of targeted music passages led to substantial improvement in student performance. All directors described musical problems in terms of musical outcome more often than as change in physical behavior. Directives requesting change in physical behavior led to successful student performance more often than those requesting a change in musical outcome. iv
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School:Bowling Green State University

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:music teachers rehearsals oral communication


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