Taiwanese Auto-tronic Industry Development Network Structure in Global Commodity Chain

by Lin, Zheng-kuo

Abstract (Summary)
With the maturity of the semiconductor and communication technology, and vehicle technology is unable to break through obviously, therefore automobile corporations begins to try to apply the electronic product to the field of the vehicle in order to separate the difference district of the products, besides offering and is different from the function that machinery displays, its range of application is not only products, such as engine, transmission or chassis, but march toward with voluntarily safe, driving convenience, functional intelligence, relevant products of taking comfortableness and high dependability gradually, so involving the new industry in relevant technology, such as car making, electron, photoelectricity, communication, the auto-electron is attracted attention by the world. In global capitalism, economic activity is not only international in scope, it is also global in organization. 'Internationalization' refers to the geographic spread of economic activities across national boundaries. As such, it is not a new phenomenon. Indeed, it has been a prominent feature of the world economy since at least the seventeenth century when colonial empires began to carve up the globe in search of raw materials and new markets for their manufactured exports. 'Globalization' is much more recent than internationalization because it implies functional integration between internationally dispersed activities. So synthesize above-mentioned, I am going to use this regard globalizing the concept as theory 'Global commodity chain' of foundation, to inspect the electronic industry of the automobile of Taiwan, and plus the policies of automobile electron like 'IA completed vehicle plan' and its network structure. This research, in order to obtain each other's network inter-dynamic relation among industry, manufacturer, adopt the depth interview. The result of study is found, one of two kinds of driven ways derived out for the global commodity chain of the electronic industry mode of production of the automobile of Taiwan is 'buyer driven', the main reason is to urge the strength of industry's technology and products trend is coming from automobile corporation as 'branded manufacturers', and is absorbed in belonging to the roles of 'the factory' in the electronic manufacturer of Taiwan of the production field; And this industry is new industries derived out after combining with the electronic industry by the automobile, so the automobile and electron are on the inter-dynamic relation, and cooperative through 'security regardless parts', 'system software', 'call-center service¡¦; However government policies can actually drive the industry to develop, and combine the energy of the automobile and electronic industry, but government should offer more encourage policies to replace managing, restricted ones.
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School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:globalization global commodity chain auto electron ia completed vehicle plan network structures


Date of Publication:07/13/2006

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