TV4 - ett företag med viljan att förbättra relationen med sina kunder : Vilka mötesaktiviteter ger störst mervärde i relationsprocessen?

by Folkeson, Camilla; Roslund, Malin

Abstract (Summary)
Problem: TV4 do not have full knowledge about their customers and the customers vision about the relation between themselves and the sellers at TV4. This makes it harder to develop the relationship, which TV4 wants to improve.Aim: To explore which ”happenings” that influence and improve the relationship between the sellers at TV4 and their existing customers.Method: The happenings that are studied are: ”larger events”,”individual happenings”, “the selling meeting” and “the activities around the selling meeting”. Nine customers have been interviewed. These customers are situated in the regions Mälardalen and StockholmTheory: The model ”Effekterna av värdeskapande strategier i en lång relation” of A. Ravald and C. Grönros, (1996), has been modified to fulfil the aim of this master article.Result: The activities that take place shall be an event where the seller and buyer know what the purpose and mission of the activity is. The event shall also be a way to gain knowledge about each other, and lead to a mutual profitable relationship. To build this kind of events both actors have to function as co-workers and use each other when needed. Both parts also have to have an understanding for each other. The “right” sort of contact has to be built to understand the customers need and come up with suitable solutions.Person to contact at the company: Lena Grundberg, ”Projectleader for local marketing at TV4”
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:11/19/2008

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