Systematics and evolution of Tarasa Philippi (Malvaceae) an enigmatic Andean polyploid genus /

by 1972- Tate, Jennifer Alane

Abstract (Summary)
A molecular phylogenetic analysis of the tribe Malveae (subfamily Malvoideae, Malvaceae) was undertaken using the internal transcribed spacer region of the 18S-26S nuclear ribosomal repeat (ITS). This work represents the first exhaustive study to evaluate the infratribal circumscription and generic affinities using molecular sequence data. The ITS phylogeny indicates that the informal tribal alliances and several genera are not monophyletic. Two main clades were reconstructed in the phylogeny: one clade pertaining to the Abutilon, Bakeridesia, Batesimalva, Fryxellia, Gaya, Plagianthus, Robinsonella, and Sida alliances, and a second large clade containing genera from the Anisodontea, Callirhoe, Kearnemalvastrum, Malva, Malvastrum, Modiola, Napaea, Phymosia, Sphaeralcea, and Sidalcea alliances.
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