by McBride, Robert Thomas.

Abstract (Summary)
Modeling and simulation form an integral role in the engineering design process. An accurate mathematical description of a system provides the design engineer the flexibility to perform trade studies quickly and accurately to expedite the design process. Most often, the mathematical model of the system contains components of different engineering disciplines. A modeling methodology that can handle these types of systems might be used in an indirect fashion to extract added information from the model. This research examines the ability of a modeling methodology to provide added insight into system analysis and design. The modeling methodology used is bond graph modeling. An investigation into the creation of a bond graph model using the Lagrangian of the system is provided. Upon creation of the bond graph, system analysis is performed. To aid in the system analysis, an object-oriented approach to bond graph modeling is introduced. A framework is provided to simulate the bond graph directly. Through object-oriented simulation of a bond graph, the information contained within the bond graph can be exploited to create a measurement of system efficiency. A definition of system efficiency is given. This measurement of efficiency is used in the design of different controllers of varying architectures. Optimal control of a missile autopilot is discussed within the framework of the calculated system efficiency. 17
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School:The University of Arizona

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