Synthesis,characterization and applications of heterogeneos catalysers for the biodiesel productions

by Guimarães Albuquerque, Mônica Castelo

Abstract (Summary)
Biodiesel is industrially produced by homogeneous transesterification of vegetable oils in the presence of basic species. However, removal of the base after reaction is a major problem, since purification of the ester phase is needed. In this study, different heterogeneous catalysts, based on calcium oxide (4-20%) supported on mesoporous SBA- 15 silica, and MgAl and MgCa oxides with different Mg/Ca and Mg/Al molar ratios (3- 24), have been synthesized, characterized and evaluated in transesterification reactions. Their textural and structural characterizations were carried out using XRD, XPS, FT-IR, SEM and N2 sorption at -196ºC. Their basicities were studied by CO2-TPD and isopropanol catalytic decomposition. Their catalytic activities was evaluated for the transesterification reaction of ethyl butyrate with methanol, and several reaction parameters were optimized. The most active catalysts were tested in biodiesel production from castor and sunflower oils. The sample with a 14 wt% of CaO in SBA-15 was the most active catalysts in the transesterification of ethyl butyrate with methanol at 60ºC and atmospheric pressure. For the MgAl and MgCa oxide catalysts, MgCa mixed oxides were more active than MgAl in the same system. The highest activity in biodiesel production was found for SBA15-14CaO as 65,7% and 95% for castor and sunflower oils after reacting for 1 and 5h, respectively. In the case of MgAl and MgCa oxides catalysts, sunflower oil conversion of 92% was achieved with methanol:oil molar ratio of 12, reaction temperature of 333 K and 2.5 wt% of MgCa3 catalyst.______________________________________________________________________
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Advisor:Diana Cristina Silva de Azevedo; Pedro Jesus Maireles Torres; Celio Loureiro Cavalcante Júnior

School:Universidade Federal do Ceará

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:SBA-15 MgCa Heterogeneous catalysts mixed oxides MgAl tansesterification castor oil sonflower


Date of Publication:04/22/2008

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