Synthesis of hepatitis B virus surface protein derivates in yeast S. cerevisiae Hepatito B viruso paviršiaus baltym? darini? sintez? miel?se S. cerevisiae

by Bulavait?, Aist?

Abstract (Summary)
HBV surface proteins PreS1[13–59]-S, PreS1[20–59]-S, PreS1[30–59]-S, PreS1[40–59]-S, PreS1[50–59]-S, PreS1[90–119]-S were produced in S.cerevisiae and purified. Electron microscopy suggested spherical virus-like particle formation for all the proteins except PreS1[90–119]-S. The PreS1[90–119] sequence was demonstrated to decrease protein solubility. Proteins are suitable for Tupaia primary hepatocyte binding investigations, diagnostic products and vaccine candidate development.
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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:virusologija b virusinis hepatitas baltymai sintez? virology hepatitis proteins synthesis


Date of Publication:11/28/2007

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