Synthesis of gold/polymer composites, micelle/polymer composites, and polymer nanocapsules diffusion studies and encapsulation of guest molecules /

by (Stella), 1974- Marinakos

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MARINAKOS, EFSTATHIA (STELLA) MARIA. Synthesis of Gold/Polymer Composites, Micelle/Polymer Composites, and Polymer Nanocapsules. Diffusion Studies and Encapsulation of Guest Molecules. (Under the direction of Daniel L. Feldheim.) The template synthesis of core / shell particles is described. One template employed as the core is a gold particle. Polymers employed as the shell are polypyrrole, poly(N-methylpyrrole), and poly(3-methylthiophene). The gold core of the composite particle is removed to yield a hollow polymer capsule, the core dimensions of which are determined by the dimensions of the template. Shell thickness is also controlled easily. Permeability of the shell is varied by changing the shell composition, oxidation state of the polymer, and incorporated counterion. Attaching rhodamine B, anthraquinone, or horseradish peroxidase to the gold particle template prior to shell formation and removal of the core results in encapsulation of the molecule. A second template employed as the core is a micelle. Micelle core / polymer shell particles may possibly be further utilized as an encapsulation method by solubilizing a molecule in the core of the micelle prior to polymer shell formation.
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