Synthesis and characterization of a dye sensitizing molecule for photoelectrochemical DNA hybridization detection

by 1975- Lowe, Lisa Bizzell

Abstract (Summary)
LOWE, LISA BIZZELL. Synthesis and Characterization of a Dye Sensitizing Molecule for Photoelectrochemical DNA Hybridization Detection. (Under the direction of Daniel L. Feldheim.) A procedure for detection of DNA hybridization is described for the purpose of application in DNA microarray technology. The approach is based on the attachment of a dye-sensitizing molecule to the target oligonucleotide and detection of hybridization of this target to its complementary, surface-attached probe by photoelectrochemistry. A thiolated ruthenium (II) tris(2,2’-bipyridine) dye was synthesized and characterized. The target oligonucleotide was attached to a 10nm gold colloid before hybridization to the probe oligonucleotide, which was immobilized on a polycrystalline gold substrate. Upon hybridization the gold substrate was exposed to the thiolated [Ru(bpy)3], 2+ allowing attachment of the molecule to the gold nanoparticles. The photoelectrochemical response was dependent upon applied potential and target concentration. Attachment of the probe oligonucleotide to the gold substrate was investigated, and the electrolyte solution was tested for optimal performance.
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School:North Carolina State University

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