Sverigebilden : – Bland bruna köttbullar och blåögda blondiner -

by Brunner, Edit

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AbstractThe aim of this study is to analyze how the Swedish company VisitSweden and The Swedish institute creates an image of Sweden and what that image looks like? And also to compare their goals and their ways of present Sweden to find out how that contributes to the images of Sweden. The method for this analyze is chosen from the work and theories of Norman Fairclough called “critical discourse analyze.” The analysis focuses on the text and how the text is created and if the author’s opinions are hidden in the words. The method can be applied in many ways. I choose to focus on is what kind of themes the author presents in the text and what meaning the author gives the themes. The other one I focused on is how the author addresses the reader of the text trough the choice of words and sentences. The third one is analyzing how the author says thing in the text, if the author agrees with certain statements ore if the author takes a very authoritarian expression in the way of telling things to the readers, which is taken from the work of Roger Fowlers. The material used in the analyzing parts is taken from books concerning discourse analyze. More material is taken from interviewing several employees in VisitSweden and the Swedish institute. The main result of the essay is that the image of Sweden is depending on which company who presents it and their individual goals. The main thing is that Sweden is more and more becoming a brand and that the companies want to sell that brand in different ways.Number of pages: 45Course: Media and Communication Studies CPeriod: Fall 2006/2007University: Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science, Uppsala University___________________________________________Key words:The image of Sweden, the Swedish institute, VisitSweden, critical discourse analyze, Sweden as a brand, selling a country, goals to make PR for a country, how to present a country to foreigners.
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School:Uppsala universitet

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Keywords:the image of sweden swedish institute visitsweden critical discourse analyze as a brand selling country goals to make pr for how present foreigners


Date of Publication:02/22/2007

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