Sustainable tourism development a compilation and analysis of expert views /

by Balasubramanian, Dhivya.

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Balasubrarnanian Dhivya (Writer)(Last Name) (First Name) (Middle Initial) Sustainable Tourism Development: A Compilation of Views and Opinions of Experts in the Field (Title) Hospitality & Tourism Dr. Jafar Jafari December12005 9 1 (Graduate Program) (Research Advisor) (Monthnear) (# of Pages) Annals of Tourism Research (Name of Style Manual Used in this Study) Sustainable development, as an economic concept, became popular with the publication of the Brundtland Report in 1987. Since then it has been independently applied and translated to a host of economic activities like agriculture, forestry, and the like. Within the tourism scenario there has been much debate and discussion over the utilization of the principles of sustainable development. It is now customary to use the terms " sustainable tourism " or " sustainable tourism development " . However, an analysis of the literature reveals that there are a number of ambiguities and inconsistencies when translating the principles of sustainable development to tourism, in theory and practice. This study presents an in-depth discussion of the topic utilizing a combination of primary (interviews with a panel of experts) and secondary (literature review) sources of information. While the latter was used as a tool to identi@ and highlight contested issues, the telephone interviews with experts were used as the medium to discuss and extract opinion/recommendation/judgment on the highlighted issues. Besides bringing out some insightful points of view and recommendations, this study found universal acceptance over certain issues. It was accepted that sustainable tourism development must be seen as a means of achieving sustainable development, which could mean no tourism at all. All experts were of the opinion that some fundamental political and ideological changes need to be made in order for tourism to effectively contribute towards sustainability and sustainable development.
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