Survey of choral music by selected twentieth-century Korean composers

by Choi, Younh Ju

Abstract (Summary)
My thesis, “Survey of Choral Music by Selected Twentieth-Century Korean Composers,” will deal with the choral works by seven twentieth-century Korean composers: Byung-Chul Choi(B.1935), Byung-Dong Peik(Boo-Ki Chung's work “Jub Dong Bird " Boo-Ki Chung's work “Jub Dong Bird " In- Young La(B.1936), Young- Jo Lee(B.1943), Dong-Hoon Lee(B.1945), Jung-Sun Park(B.1945), Boo-Ki Chung(B.1954) and Sun-Kyo Lee(B.1960). These composers, well educated or trained in the styles and idioms of their native Korean musical tradition, all studied Western styles and procedures of composition in the United States or Europe, and combine in their works element Jung-Sun Park(B.1945), s of Korean and Western musical forms, styles, and procedures. Although Western music was introduced in Korea only about 120 years ago, it has developed rapidly. A survey of choral compositions by the seven composers selected will show the use of Korean traditional styles in their Western-inspired music. Following are the compositions included: Byung-Chul Choi(B.1935) Boo-Ki Chung's work “Jub-Dong Bird, " In-Young La's “Ka Si Ri, " Young-Jo Lee's work “Kyung, " Jung-Sun Park(B.1945). The Conclusions Chapter summarizes the main characteristics of the choral music of each composer and provides some suggestions for further research, evaluation, and to make it better known. The format of the thesis is in two volumes: the first volume includes the content of the research and a catalogue of choral pieces by the selected composers; the second volume includes some music scores. ii iii
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