Substitution ciphers: cryptanalysis and other attacking techniques

by Cappuccio, Daniele, BS

Abstract (Summary)
The thesis is based upon classical cryptography, in particular substitution ciphers, with an emphasis put on both the strength and complexity of the various encryption and decryption schemes, and the well-known breaking techniques a potential attacker can employ. The last chapter covers a real-world case, the Zodiac ciphers, a series of broken and unbroken ciphertexts left by a serial killer in the late `60s. We focus on designing and implementing an efficient solution to one of these ciphers, known as the Zodiac-408.
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Advisor:Fabrizio D'Amore

School:Universitr degli studi di Roma La Sapienza

School Location:Italy

Source Type:Other



Date of Publication:10/24/2018

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