Study of the nutricionais factors of ascetic bacteria.

by Santos Junior, Vitorio dos

Abstract (Summary)
The acetical bacteries are used in vinegar production from wine and others primary matter. The nutricional requirement of acetical bacteries is poorly know, and the maintenance of this microrganisms is too difficult. The experiments were conducted with two strains, one of Acetobacter sp. isolated from vinegar industry production (086/06) and another typical strain of acetobacter aceti (CCT 2565) from culture collection. This research is divided in four stages: prepare of inoculum without interference of the complex medium components; qualitatively selection of minerals, vitamins and growing factor using the incomplete factorial design as statistic tool; quantitatively determination of chosen nutrients in the preview stage trough the methodology of surface response and experimental confirmation of the results got in the preview stage. The medium formulated by manitol 25 g.L-1, yeast extract 0,625 g.L-1 and peptone 0,375 g.L-1, was presented appropriated for acetical bacteries inoculum preparation, and a population with 109 cells.mL-1 were obtained. The results obtained from a laboratory test of incomplete factorial for the strains 086/06, were selected the minerals iron, boron, molybdenum, zinc, manganese and the vitamins p-aminobenzoic acid, pyridoxine and cyanocobalamin. To the strain CCT 2565 the minerals were iron and boron, and the vitamins p-aminobenzoic acid, thiamine and nicotinic acid. A constructed medium by response surface analyse to the height point in the 086/06 strain was iron 12 mg.L-1, boron 0,6 mg.L-1, molybdenum 0,4 mg.L-1, zinc 1,1 mg.L-1 and manganese 12 mg.L-1; the vitamins p-aminobenzoic acid 0,25 mg.L-1, pyridoxine 0,25 mg.L-1 and cyanocobalamin 2,75 mg.L-1. The constructed medium to CCT 2565 strain was: iron 16 mg.L-1, boron 0,6 mg.L-1, the vitamins p-aminobenzoic acid 0,55 mg.L-1, thiamine 0,25 mg.L-1 and nicotinic acid 0,5 mg.L-1. The mathematical model obtained was near of the test experimental results under conditions of the pH 6,0 and 30ÂșC temperature, using manitol 25 g.L-1 as carbon source, ammonia sulphate 0,1 g.L-1 as nitrogen source and potassium and magnesium salts as macronutrients source, seeing potassium 73,5 g.L-1, sulphur 10 g.L-1, phosphorus 40,6 g.L-1 and magnesium 8 g.L-1 to the studied strains.
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Advisor:Fumio Yokoya; Wilma Aparecida Spinosa; Fumio Yokoya [Orientador]; Helia Harumi Sato; Marta Cristina Teixeira Duarte; Lucia Regina Durrant

School:Universidade Estadual de Campinas

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Acetobacter Acetobacter


Date of Publication:02/19/2004

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