Study of lone pair-arene interactions in solution

by Zou, Yan.

Abstract (Summary)
STUDY OF LONE PAIR-ARENE INTERACTIONS IN SOLUTION By Yan Zou Lone pair-? interactions in solution have been studied experimentally. Triptycene-derived model compounds serve as conformational equilibrium reporters for direct measurements of these interactions. A series of triptycene derivatives with different 9-substituted benzyl groups were synthesized. VT NMR was applied to determine the ratio of syn and anti conformers. The free energies differences of the interactions were also obtained from the syn/anti ratios. The lone pair of oxygen-? interaction seemed to be attractive with both electron-rich and electron-deficient arene. This kind of interaction tends to be stronger for the electron-deficient arene. The electrostatic forces were considered to play a major role. Other kinds of effects, such as Van Der Waals forces, London dispersion forces also play in part role in the interactions.
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School:Miami University

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:aromatic compounds pairing correlations nuclear physics


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