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This thesis documents the process of converting a conventional educator's portfolio into an interactive electronic educator's portfolio. This thesis will specifically address the needs of the inservice K-12 educator as they embark on an electronic portfolio journey. Currently no literature exists which addresses the process of creating an electronic portfolio specifically for the inservice educator. The majority of the current literature addresses the needs of the preservice educator. This body of work is presented to enhance effective communication by emphasizing the important role design plays in the process of creating an electronic portfolio. Also, offering the K-12 inservice educator guidance in the form of an interactive workbook. The workbook can be used on an individual basis or as a guide for a series of wokshops. (See Appendix H) The workbook portion of this thesis uses an interactive format to demonstrate the essential fundamentals of design. This thesis will give the inservice educator a comprehensive understanding of the entire process, not just a tips and tricks session to assist with design. An electronic portfolio filled with content only that pays no attention to design, usability, functionality, or target audience, would not be as effective. Content only produces a product, design produces an experience for the user. Design helps the user to better understand the message(s) of the portfolio. Design organizes, unifies, and adds interest to the overall body of work. Design mimics the personality of the creator and adds a professional quality. Design empowers! The documentation can be used as a reference for K-12 educators as they are given options to traditional assessment practices. The electronic portfolio is an alternative to the linear format of the traditional portfolio. Because educators can now apply for state certification via the electronic portfolio this thesis is a valuable tool to assist in that process. This thesis is meant to guide the K-12 educator through the process of creating a successful electronic portfolio that uses design to communicate his/her ideas, knowledge, and growth clearly and effectively.
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School:University of Cincinnati

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:certification electronic portfolio k 12 teacher


Date of Publication:01/01/2001

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