The Study of Service Quality for Supply Chain e-Procurement System

by Hsu, Chun-yu

Abstract (Summary)
Under the globalization tendency, the region of purchases no longer only limit to a place, but spreads the whole world, if the complex purchase flow can transform into the part of value chain, will effectively promote the enterprise competitive advantage. In the past enterprise interior invalid rate purchase, unnecessary flow and so on, was a bad sign of purchases processes. Supposing wants to solve the above problem effectively, we can¡¦t neglect the direction of e-procurement. However, only good e-procurement service quality is even more important to the users now. Therefore, this research is trying to explore the user¡¦s evaluation standard of e-procurement service quality. This research incorporating the former perspectives in information quality, system quality, and service quality, and comprehensively considering the role of an e-procurement system on service constructs, In addition, this research takes domestic company which was inducted the e-procurement system as a model to find out the important e-procurement service quality constructs that users pay attention to and influence their judgment to develop a questionnaire to evaluate the e-procurement system service quality. Finally, through the results of the questionnaire, we hope to provide some suggestions to the enterprises in the field or the ones that want to participate in to upgrade their e-procurement system service quality and gain profits. Besides, from the perspective of management, this research also hopes that through the questionnaire, the manager of the company which was inducted the e-procurement system can understand more about the standard the users use to evaluate e-procurement system service quality to help them efficiently make management strategies to reach their final goals.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Tsuang Kuo; Wu Jen-Her; Iuan-yuan Lu

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:e procurement system information service quality performance evaluation


Date of Publication:05/26/2005

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