Study on the Secondary Metablities of the Formosan Soft Coral Sinularia facile

by chen, Bo-wei

Abstract (Summary)
Our chemical investigation on the soft coral Sinularia facile which was collected off the coast of Kengting, Taiwan, has led to the isolation of ten metabolites 1¡Ð10, including four cembranoids and six polyhydroxylated steroids. Cembranoids isolated are two new natural compounds, (3E,7E,11E,15E)-cembra-3,7,11,15-tetraen-1-ol (1) and (1R*,12R*,3E,7E,10E,15E)-cembra-3,7,10,15-tetraen-12-ol (2), and two known compounds diepoxycembrene A (3) and isocembrol A (4). Moreover, five new polyhydroxylated steroids, cholest-5-ene-1£\,3£]-diol- 11£\-monoacetate (5), cholesta-5,24-diene-1£\,3£] -diol-11£\-monoacetate (6), cholesta-5,24-diene-1£\,3£]-11£\-triol (7), 24- methylenecholesta-5-ene-1£\, 3£]-diol-11£\,18-diacetate (8) and 24(S)- methylcholest-5-ene-1£\,3£]-diol- 11£\-monoacetate (9), and one known compound, 24-methylenecholest-5- ene-1£\,3£],11£\-triol (10). The chemical structures of these compounds (1¡Ð10) were elucidated by spectroscopic evidences (IR, MS, 1D NMR, and 2D NMR) and by comparison of the spectral data of these compounds in the literature. Cytotoxicity of these compounds toward various cancer cell lines has also been determined.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Ping-Jyun Sung; Yang-Chang Wu; Jyh-Horng Sheu

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:secondary metablites formosan soft coral sinularia facile


Date of Publication:08/24/2007

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