A Study of Management System for Medical Quality to Buccal Cancer Patients at E-Da Hospital

by Feng, Guan-ming

Abstract (Summary)
In recent years, the buccal cancer in Taiwan has been ranked the fourth among the top ten leading causes of cancer death, and the first among people at the prime age ( 25 ~ 44 years old ). Since people at the prime age are usually the main bread winners in the family and the main contributors in the economic development of the society, how to prevent the occurrences of buccal cancers or how to provide proper medical service to buccal cancer patients has become an urgent topic of the present medical industry. It is pointed out that the incidence of buccal cancers is frequently related to men¡¦s smoking, diet habit and their chewing of betel nuts. Especially in Kaohsiung-Pingtung area in southern Taiwan, the population of chewing betel nuts is much higher than that in other metropolitan cities. Thus, the incidence of buccal cancers is in vogue in this area. The aim of the present study is to discuss the key factors affecting the quality of medical treatment on buccal cancer patients under the management system of E-Da Hospital. Based on this model, we wish to further apply it to other disease treatments as well and to make E-Da Hospital become a characteristic medical center in the near future. This thesis adopts the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to exploit the multi-estimate criteria models of the medical quality. The first layer is the key factor for medical quality to buccal cancer patients at E-Da Hospital. The second evaluation criterion is divided into three aspects: namely, ¡§the hospital image of medical service¡¨, ¡§the available administrative resources¡¨, and ¡§ the convenience for patients¡¦ taking medical treatment¡¨. The third layer is the twelve evaluation characteristics. From this point of view, we can easily understand why patients choose E-Da Hospital as their priority. The interviewed participants are composed of the surgeons, the nursing staff, the administration personnel at E-Da Hospital, and the buccal cancer patients and their family members. Fifteen effective questionnaires are collected. Based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process, each subject is interviewed throughout and the result is verified by ANOVA. Based on the present study, we have found that the key factors of the management system for medical quality to buccal cancer patients at E-Da hospital are listed below in sequence---¡§the hospital image of medical service¡¨, ¡§the convenience for patients¡¦ taking medical treatment¡¨, and then ¡§the available administrative resources¡¨. Among the twelve evaluation characteristics, the critical top five ones are ¡§medical team work¡¨, ¡§medical effects¡¨, ¡§equipment novelty¡¨, ¡§home visit after operation¡¨ and ¡§ the convenience of transportation¡¨ in order. Several recommendations have been made to hopefully improve the management system and medical quality at E-Da hospital by strengthening the in-job training to the physicians and nurses and renovating medical equipment continuously. Besides, it is expected to set up buccal cancer patient club in the near future in order to achieve ¡§the Five Whole Attendance of Cares¡¨ - the whole person, the whole family, the whole team, the whole journey, and the whole community. Meanwhile, some proposals have also been made to the related health departments of the government so as to promote education on cancer prevention, to create and develop economic & effective cancer sieve checks in order to reduce the possible waste on the consumption of the medical resources and make them benecifical to the health for all. In so doing, we hope that our government can stress its long-term planning and investment on improving its medical service and enhance its medical quality thereby.
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Advisor:Tsuang Kuo; Huei-Mei Liang; Hsien-Tang Tsai

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:analytic hierarchy process ahp buccal cancer medical quality management system key success factor ksf


Date of Publication:08/25/2008

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