A Study of International Logistics and Information Technology Application

by Tien, Yang-Hsin

Abstract (Summary)
Accompanied with the trend of free market economy and the rapid development of transportation and information technology, the international investment become more and more vigorous. This has caused the ongoing establishment and integration of the global collaborative system and supply chain. Every industry seeks the way to improve their competitiveness under the ever changing market environment. In the logistic industry, the trend goes from point to point transmission to supply chain management. The purpose is to offer integrated logistic service to fit customers¡¦ need. The developed countries set up the international distribution center in the airports and harbors to support the global logistic system. Domestic logistic service providers face the new challenge of global logistics. They need the aids of information technology to improve their international competitiveness. However, the implementation of logistics e-business solution require a holistic policy perspective because that the multifaceted channel function and the considerable process complexity are involved. This research, first discusses the impact of information technology to logistic organization. The case research methodology is employed to study the relationship between information technology and logistic organization. The result of this case study shows that information technology is closely associated with international logistics. From the perspective of integration and agility, applying information technology can improve the international logistic organization¡¦s core competence. Second, this research focused on the e-business strategy for international logistics. The development of international logistics is often adhered to the global trend, and its course of e-business is moving toward logistic e-marketplace. This research first addressed the appropriability of e-marketplace and then formulated the e-business strategy for the logistic industry.. From the analysis of appropriability of e-business, the e-marketplace can offer effective solution to the international e-logistics. The goal of logistic e-marketplace is the globalization and to simplify the transaction mechanism. It can aggregate all kinds of logistic vendors to form the whole supply chain of logistic service. At the same time it can lay emphasis on the improvement of logistic operation process. Also, it can enhance the logistic operation process and efficiency of information delivery. The use of e-marketplace is a social phenomena; hence, the social influence model of technology use is adopt to illustrate the policy aspects of e-marketplace. In this model, the use of e-marketplace will be influenced by the five factors when the development of e-marketplace in Taiwan¡Gthe experience and ability, evaluation of logistic task, trust mechanism, evaluation of e-marketplace and situational factors. Furthermore, we address the strategy of carrying out the international logistic e-marketplace which can be the reference when government and the logistic industry want to carry out the e-business.
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Advisor:Chin-Fu Ho; Kun-Mu Tsai; Pin-Yang Liu

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:e marketplace international logistics business


Date of Publication:07/04/2001

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