The Study of Business Apply Innovation to Creat Value and Elevate the competition.

by Hou, Wen-Tien

Abstract (Summary)
The industry environment is more and more sharp and uncertainty, business only insist to innovation can create the value and search the excellence , alignment the strategy on time, non-stop to change the organization, set-up the profitable business model and then could be elevate the business growth and survive competition. Since, the IT industry is in the stage of maturity, standard technology, the technology entrance of threshold is decrease, and into the micro-profitable era. The most important thing are to create a new generation industry or upgrade the industry and transform, such like The ACER is focus on brand, and Hon Hai non-stop to vertical integration and horizontal demarcation employ the EMS extend. So, in the change situation, how to using the thinking of innovation dynamic management, to deal with the problem is the aim of this thesis. The conclusion is ¡§competition is learning capability and execution¡¨. Leader how to make strategy alignment, manager how to make effective management, industry how to positive innovation and integrate resources and country how to breakthrough the limitation and hobble, how to brave to cross the hyper-competitive were the key points. This thesis is search the business how to using the innovation to create the value, and take two large group of ACER and Hon Hai in the IT industry for the discuss object; because, the former is for the international brand to develop, the latter is forward the international EMS and technology R&D, the result are acknowledged and afford to be the business paragon and bench-maker. These are the right focus for national IT industry of knowledge-based develop model of the two directions of how to from ¡§faster follower¡¨ transform to ¡§innovation break-through¡¨. That is to search the Taiwan business how to by ¡§efficiency driver¡¨ transform ¡§innovation driver¡¨ process, discuss business how to using innovation as strategy to create value and win profit. Finally, this research according to the relate bibliography discussion and case analyze, using the combination of Allan Afuah (1998)¡AAllan Afuah¡AChristopher L. Tucci (2000) study result of the integrate model of how to from innovation obtain profit and e-commerce business model, devise a concept model of business innovation system, it according to the innovation management as kernel, then discuss the function and essentiality of technology, main study the three key elements of strategy, value and profit for business to set-up competitive.
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Advisor:Luan-yuan Lu; Jen-Jsung Huang; Chang-yung Liu

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:innovation business model competitive create value


Date of Publication:07/12/2005

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