Student movement and social reform : a study of the Hong Kong College Students' social service team, 1963-1973 = ????????? : 1963?1973???????????????

by Lam, Hoi-yan

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) Student Movement and Social Reform: A Study of the Hong Kong College Students' Social Service Team, 1963-1973

Submitted by Lam Hoi Yan, Hester for the degree of Master of Arts at the University of Hong Kong in October, 2003.


Like many other places in the world undergoing postwar reconstruction, Hong Kong faced many social problems and the continuous influx of people from mainland China had aggravated the situation. College students in Hong Kong in and before the early 1960s had often been criticized for being socially unconscious and uncared to help in the community works. The Hong Kong College Students' Social Service Team (HKCSSST) was founded on the basis of helping poor fellow citizens in a resettlement issue at the Jordan Valley in September 1963. It was then seen as the forerunner of student movement in Hong Kong.

To strive to serve and contribute to the community in a meaningful context became a common goal of the team members. College students with aspirations after virtue and progress were attracted to join; the team had also secured the services of a few college teachers and advisers. They started with manual labour work camps and later set up a cultural unit to entertain the needs of villagers. Serving in the countryside in the form of work camps became a uniqueness of HKCSSST.

Both the patriotic sentiment and social consciousness slowly grew in the team. "Tai Lo"(~~) the monthly magazine came into the play in 1966 and later forums and discussion groups were held in exploring and evaluating the meaning of community work. A sense to strike for social reform developed. Fundamental changes took place in HKCSSST with its shift of focus from the countryside to social problems in the city when student movement in Hong Kong showed

prominence in 1970.

In portraying the formation and development of HKCSSST, this study attempts at evaluating the significance of the team in community works and the role it assumed in the course of development of student movement in Hong Kong. Last but not least, the impact of the team and its members on the whole to the society is also a focus in the research.



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Date of Publication:01/01/2004

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