Structural performance of jointed plastic pipes under a simulated high landfill

by Kalra, Rajesh

Abstract (Summary)
To sustain the load of high landfills, the small diameter plastic pipes used therein require rigorous evaluation as they are the most important member of the leachate collection system. Also, at present there is no information available on the field performance of joints of the plastic pipes. Field tests simulating a high landfill were conducted on two 6 inch diameter jointed PVC pipes and a jointed HDPE pipe. The PVC pipes were joined by PVC cement compound, whereas the HDPE pipe joint was made by heat welding. All the pipes were tested in positive projecting mode. The liner, backfill and the profile were as per prevailing landfill design standards. Incremental loads up to 80 psi surface pressure were applied to a rectangular platform using a hydraulic system. Deflection observations were recorded at each increment of load at both the mid-plane as well as the joint section. Also, the readings were taken for the strain gages cemented to the inside and outside walls at both the sections of the pipe. The experimentally obtained results were further compared with the empirically and theoretically computed values. At high loads the Modified Iowa deflections were the least amongst all deflections, for the mid-plane section. The mid-plane sections of PVC and HDPE pipes could deform by more than 7.5% without any distress. Even at 80 psi surface pressure HDPE pipe joint showed no distress, but the PVC pipe joints could not stand high loads. The bending moments in the joint section were higher than those in the mid-plane sections. After the surface pressure of 55-60 psi, the deflections, and moments and thrusts in the pipe wall display non-linearity with respect to load, whereas the theoretical models display linear behavior at all loads.
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School:Ohio University

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:structural performance jointed plastic pipes simulated high landfill


Date of Publication:01/01/1994

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