Strategic Analysis of Taiwan Magnesium Industry- an example of Catcher Technology Co., Ltd.

by Huang, Wen-Lung

Abstract (Summary)
The study is to summarize the characteristic, present situation and future trend of magnesium industry. Through the analysis of industrial structure, we can understand the growth level of magnesium die casting market in Asia is better than other regions in the world. Especially the 3C industries in Taiwan and Japan, are the most fast-developing ones of magnesium. By means of the analysis of ¡§five forces¡¨ and SWOT of domestic magnesium industry, and comparison with Japanese industry and many references, we can find the KSF (Key Successful Factors) of Taiwan magnesium industry. In the case study of Catcher's company, we can find out how it successfully apply its core resources and retain its competitive niche by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of competitive factors, and understanding how to use hyper-competition operation model. The industrial circumstances change rapidly, it is importance to fully grasp favorable terms of corporate competition, and to develop advantageous strategies by integrating the prospects of domestic and foreign industries. For the construction of a strongly competitive leader company of magnesium industries, it is essential to own the critical techniques of magnesium and establish the good relationship with customers. From the study, we find that Catcher Co., Ltd. can forecast the customers¡¦ future needs and operate in coordination with them to develop the product strategies. Because it can provide the new products earlier than other rivals, and keep good relationship with suppliers, Catcher can manufacture the products at many different production places and satisfy the most needs of customers and occupy higher market share. Reviewing the case in the analysis of management strategies, we can verify the KSF that can fit in with Taiwan magnesium industry. In conclusion, the study suggests five significant items for the Taiwan magnesium industry: 1. Fix on product scope 2. Promotion of research team ability 3. Process techniques and quality stability 4. Mass production capacity and cost down 5. The Cooperation of Magnesium companies
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Chang-Yung Liu; G. Gary Hu; Iuan-Yuan Lu

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:core capability diamond model resources hyper competition five forces of key successful factor basic


Date of Publication:07/18/2002

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