Statens järnvägar - en fallstudie om värdering av fordon i statlig ägo

by Lindgren, Emilie; Wells, Theoclea

Abstract (Summary)
Purpose: The aim of the thesis is to identify principles of valuation and to reach a solution for how Statens järnvägar can present their leased railroad vehicles in the future.Methodology: The authors have done a case study through a qualitative approach. Interviews have been done with Statens järnvägar, Näringsdepartementet and Riksrevisionen. Annual reports from Banverket and Luftfartsverket have been studied.Theoretical perspectives: The regulations that rule the authorities are a base for the study.Earlier researches done within the subject are presented in this section.Empirical foundation: The empirical foundation of this study consists of primary- and secondary data. The primary data is collected from the interviews that have been done, whilst the secondary data is composed of annual reports, regulations and various other documents.Conclusions: The authors have come to the conclusion that the method of valuation that Statens järnvägar choose, depends a lot on the vehicles hypothetical future. It is difficult to say that only one of the methods would be the correct one.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:accounting principles of valuation revaluation state assets


Date of Publication:01/21/2008

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