Stages of concern for implementing the electronic medical records

by Turk, Carrie.

Abstract (Summary)
The Federal government is urging the health care industry to convert to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in order to improve the delivery ofpatient care. This study determined the Stages ofConcerns a healthcare organization's health information management department has regarding the implementation of an Electronic Medical Record. It is difficult to utilize organizational learning and have a clear understanding ofa persons psyche. TIllS study examines change theories such as Kotter's Change Theory, Lewin's Change Process and the Stages of Concerns. These theories help guide people through the change process. The goal ofthis study is to determine how involved the health information managment department wants to be in the decision making regarding the implementation. The research also provides the Electronic Medical Records Implementation Team with data on whether the Health Information Management 111 Department has knowledge of the change, or if they will take action to learn more about the change. Using a survey based offofthe Stages ofConcern Model, the researcher was able to categorize the results and place the concerns into four different categories. The results showed that the healthcare organization has valid concerns that can be addressed by using sections from Kotter's Change Theory, Lewin's Change Process and the Stages of Concern Model. iv
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School:University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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