Sponsring : Avdragsproblematiken

by Sandahl, Philip

Abstract (Summary)
Sponsoring is a relatively new way of marketing, but has during the years become more common for companies to use and is today one of the most used ways of marketing. There is no exclusive regulation of the deduction for sponsoring, therefore expenses for sponsoring are normally regulated by Chapter 16 section 1 of the Swedish Income Tax Act (IL). This main regulation is written in a very general way and therefore cases stand for the main regulation on the area.Expenses for sponsoring have in cases been adnmitted to be deductable as advertising- and PR-expenses, research- and development expenses, personnel expenses and official expenses. To sum up the following conditions have to be fulfilled for sponsoring to be deducted:-The expense does not constitute a gift,-The sponsoring expense is meant to increase or to maintain the companys incomes and-The sponsor receives a direct return from the sponsored party that is expected to have a market value that correspond to the sponsoring expense or that the expense is a indirect expense due to that there is a strong connection between the sponsors and the sponsored partys activities.What first and foremost causes a problem when making the appraisal of deduction is that establishing a boundary between sponsoring and not deductable gift many times is very difficult to make, especially when the sponsor receives a indirect return.The present regulation of sponsoring has been the subject of a lot of criticism, among others that it is not predictable enough and much too restrictive. It is first and foremost the reguirement that there needs to be a strong connection between the sponsors and the sponsored partys activities that have been criticized. This requirement results in that it is pretty easy for the sponsor to get a deduction when he gets a direct return but pretty difficult when he receives a indirect return. Many people and organisations demand a new regulation of sponsoring.The government and parliament have so far said that present regulations are sufficient and that there almost is impossible to design regulations concerning deduction for sponsoring that exclude the establishing of a boundary and at the same time covers all situations.I think that the present regulation is not satisfactory. To cope with this I suggest that a new regulation that regulates the deduction of sponsoring is introduced into the Swedish Income Tax Act (IL). This is according to me best done through the introcution of a new regulation in Chapter 16 section 9a of the Swedish Income Tax Act (IL) and a addition in Chapter 9 section 2 para. 2 of the Swedish Income Tax Act (IL).
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:10/10/2007

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