The Sounds of the East: the concept of self-knowledge and its contribution for the Environmental Education, a study on the philosophy Hare Krishna.

by Portanova Laborde, André Luiz

Abstract (Summary)
The present research has the purpose to apprehend the relations between proposed self-knowledge by Hare Krishna?s philosophy and environmental education, establishing interconnections with the sacred sphere and they comprehension for the scientific knowledge. On this way, the discussion emphasizes a dialogue between Edgar Morin, Carl Gustav Jung and Gaston Bachelard delineating an investigation way about the problematical self-knowledge. Beyond the theory contribution that is directly joined to research?s line of Fundamental Environmental Education, the research also participates from the universe of Hare Krishna?s community from the Temple of Itajaí/Santa Catarina/Brazil, with the objective to recognizes their actions around the self-knowledge. The propose is about oriental religiosity having in sight what we understands as immanency process, proposed by the Hindus as an auxiliary in the identification of the self-knowledge as education practice. So, under this scenery who presents the investigation, meeting the dreamed dimension of Bachelard, the psique of Jung and the Noosphera of Morin, addition to oriental mythology. These spheres will to verify the tenuous relations between cosmos and science, through transdisciplinary perspective that will be possible to listen up the sounds of orient. This way, we have liked a central research problem, the self-knowledge inside the Hare Krishna?s doctrine; we search with this, to investigate about these and their relation with the subject in the community, as also to apprehend their relation in the moment of the transformation, in the take of conscious looking the changes in the way to be and to act. So looking for a society fair and harmonious emphasizing their importance in these process of reflection about the problems that involvements all planet. The associate environmental education to the philosophy Hare Krishna, evidenced in practical of the self-knowledge an impulse to the action human being for the reflection around the treatment concerning its relationship with the nature and the humanity, visualizing in the life production a viable possibility for the transformation of the actions front to the environment.
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Advisor:Susana Inês Molon; Humberto Calloni; Lúcia Maria Vaz Peres

School:Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Hare Krishna self-knowledge environmental education immanency dream


Date of Publication:02/07/2008

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